The Devil’s Wife

unspoken knowledge….. must be read with Rough Diamond….


I’m angry right now, seething in fact. Broken on behalf of my father, broken on behalf of my aunt, my cousin and crushed by the ripple effect it had on all those that had suffered at the hands of The Devil and his wife; those without a voice, those without a hope.

Sometimes painful things need to be remembered, they deserve to be remembered. Not so we can forgive, but so we can passionately vow never to forget again, even if only so that we can stop history from repeating itself.

A letter to you, The Devils Wife, as I have no gravestone to stand and scream at, maybe from your place in Hell you can see this, feel the burn of the pain you have caused so many people.

I hope so.

I’m writing to let you know how much I hate you.
This is difficult because We don’t…

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