Part 5: Uncovered

How do you make sense, of shit…. Part 5 from Colour of Madness….


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Diamond had her first baby at 13, she’d grown up the hard way “graduated from the school of hard knocks” as she often joked wryly, but a trauma survivor can sniff out another a mile away, she had sensed my inner pain and she wanted better things for me. She was a straight shooter, she told you exactly what she thought and hit the nail on the head every time. The Queen of uncomfortable truths had unceremoniously revealed us, but we couldn’t afford to be noticed let alone ‘helped’ and parts of us saw this unprecedented show of care as a very dangerous threat and had decided to take charge.

It turned out that we weren’t about to lose our grasp on our eating disorder, in fact it was only the beginning of that saga. A monster had awoken inside us, both enraged by Diamond’s sudden exposure…

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