An Ode for the Play Boys of the Western World…….


Romantasize your life oh vagrant son,
for the glass is half full tonight.
Wherever the breeze may take you, you pull out your guitar and write.

Make your bed under a canopy of stars,
as the wind quietly whispers your name.
Give up society for freedom,
and companionship for change.

Under flowering eucalypts,
in springtime breeze, I imagine you singing in the sun.
Guitar in hand, an audience of trees listening intently to your strum.

You wrote your way into my heart when we were young and fancy free,
The story’s told through your lyrics of truth,
captured my world in words and dreams

Call upon the Ghosts of Drifters Past,
to share your cheap wine and cigarettes tonight.
For Christmas is a time for family and friends,
to toast those long forgotten nights.

Leaves fall around your starlit home,
the days are getting shorter.
Until winters icy chill comes…

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