Order in the Court

I love the partially redacted story line too…. the author has so many ways of engaging with the reader it’s outstandingly clever… her innate ability to use her natural Inter-Subjectivity Collectively is jaw dropping….. the tales being told too are testimony to her humanity and Kindheartedness….


I’d never set foot in a courtroom before this morning. What can I say, I’ve never been caughtbefore I’m just an outstanding citizen. Each time I have been called up for jury duty I’ve either been in the middle of a mental health crisis or getting tumours chopped out of my body and so haven’t been able to attend. I know most people are begging for valid reasons to get out of jury duty but weirdly it’s something that I wanted to do. It fascinates me, and yeah, maybe I’ve seen too many episodes of Law & Order and started romanticising it all…

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Anyhoo, the reason I was in court was purely to support Mr 17. No, my son wasn’t in trouble with the law either, in fact he was a witness in a domestic violence case and I’m very proud of him for being willing…

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