A Dissociative Experience

Colour of Madness is at it again, surprising surprisingly Phillipa Marlow has arrived in town….


I’ve been trawling through some of our old writings recently and found the below. I think it is a reasonable example of a dissociative experience and ‘co-consciousness’ written by one of the others a year or so ago and I thought it might be of interest to some of you and maybe resonate with others.

xx Kate
P.S You can never have too many shoes and there’s nothing wrong with lots of pink sparkly birthday decorations!

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The car park felt unusually still for the amount of cars packed within its concrete labyrinth. The muggy air was heavy and reminiscent of summer but the distinct lack of cicadas or overtired toddlers left the building feeling eerily silent and unfamiliar.

I made my way towards the escalator that would lead me towards the shopping complex and time stood still for me while I tried to recall exactly what it…

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