Catherine excels not only as a writer but also as an exemplar in Knot Craft….


It’s chemo week so I’m sharing some old journals from the others again, this wasn’t dated but I’m guessing it’s around 2 or 3 years old (?) – Kate

My body is tired but my mind is agitated and restless, a metallic taste invades my mouth akin to the one you get from taking too much Lithium and I catch myself subconsciously grinding my teeth again.

I feel like I’m withdrawing, but I haven’t taken meds in about a year now so they have long since flushed through my system. I hate these feelings, the ones that were once acceptable because they had a logical cause but now the symptoms remain and their reason has dissolved into a simple question of whether or not you are imagining them now or had simply imagined them all in the first place.

Bipolar is a funny beast, when an episode rears its ugly…

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