Many Hats

Colour of Madness bowls me over again…..


Tell no one of your story
Tell no one of your woes
Tell no one of your secrets
Tell no one where you go.
I have 100 hats for the 100 people in my head,
the ones I don’t remember and the ones I still regret.
Together we told our stories, walked the walk and placed our bets.
They held me up, I held them down
I fought them off, they tried their best.
What makes us all so different,
when inside we are the same?
What chooses who comes out to play,
when we’re all stuck inside one brain?
If I write you all a memoir,
of the pasts that brought you here,
of battles fought in glory,
and the loves held true and dear.
If I give you each a story,
a chance to tell your side,
will you promise not to haunt me
as I drift alone…

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