First Philosophy: Aristotle Again

For a knot to tie and untie all knots…. follow Snow Cone Diaries for in the hand of man rests this firmament if ice… when all along its existence exists in the Wo[mb]man… no voids to sail, no albatross to hail, no holy grail… but a womb space that never fails….

Snow Cone Diaries

It is almost annoying to have to continually go back to Aristotle when looking for the best ways to divide things, to think about things intellectually. In the West at least. It is not an exaggeration to say that his work forms the very intellectual foundations of Western thought – which crosses over into Arabic thought as well hence joining really the entire Judeo-Christian and Islamic world from an intellectual and academic perspective at least.

He is that bridge from mystic antiquity, the Pre-Socratics up until Plato, into the classical philosophical period of ancient Greece from which the foundations of Western thought are constructed upon. He does not ignore the mystic realms entirely, but he tries to frame them in a rational framework such that they can be discussed, and ultimately be known.

His views on knowledge – philosophia – what they call vidyā in the Upanishads (stemming from the same…

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