The Copernican Revolution of Ontology

Thank Who? Why, Thank God, of course, Oh, I was thinking of giving Thanks to Snow Cone Diaries for what is, evidently a true Labour of Love…

Snow Cone Diaries

Once we have a more properly aligned understanding of the true nature of the world, a recovery of what has been hidden, we then allow ourselves an opportunity to reformulate our understanding of the human body, the embodied form, its purpose and the means by which we can better understand its workings and thereby be in a better position to tune it properly.

This Copernican revolution of ontology if you want to call it that, this re-structuring of the study of being itself – the very tradition that rests at the heart of Aristotle’s metaphysics, especially when considered in conjunction with his idea of causality which drove his epistemology which rested on the notion of purpose as a defining feature you might say – requires not just a holistic rather than reductive approach to understanding the nature of being, but an intellectual framework that allows for the mutual co-existence…

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