Energy and the Human Form

A dear friend of mine once said to me “Alec you could offer everyone the world but what they need is themselves” (John Scott 1990) Here Snow Cone Diaries offers an account of a naturally occurring wisdom drawn from the ancient and esoteric wisdoms and with which science, as defined by who?, is increasingly looking towards a quantum reality. But let’s not forget the importance of historical materialism too. Sort out world land ownership and one would find that we all have adverse possession… we already OCCUPY… let’s out the machines and Newton to good use too….

Snow Cone Diaries

Chakras are real, shakti is real. Understand these vortexes of energy and how they fuel this existence, this apparition and how they manifest in the external world around us and also in the internal world in our bodies – manifesting as sickness or health, optimal or sub-optimal performance of the system effectively.

This is the system by which the breath of life, prāṇa, channels through the human form.

One can see the chakra system from a philosophical perspective as the connection between res extensa and res cogitans, the bridge between the physical and mental worlds. It is precisely that – the means by which the higher dimensionality expresses itself in the human form, and in the forms of other animals and other beings as well which have similar systems of energy that power them quite literally.

This explains why the alignment of thought word and deed, fundamental tenets…

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